Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Summer Job and Sickness

This weekend I was struck with a horrible awful no god stomach virus.  I suppose I got it from Aaden who had tummy troubles earlier in the week.  At any rate, the weekend was uneventful, and that was a GREAT thing.  Josh let me sleep a lot while he handled the boys (I really don't deserve him) and I didn't do any housework, whatsoever!

Luckily I felt well enough to start my summer job yesterday.  I am working in the band office while the regular assistant is overseas.  I input band camp stuff until camp starts, then I help with camp, and then I may work a tiny bit after camp.  It's not many hours, but it's exactly the type of thing I wanted to do over the summer.  I knew I needed a job, but I really didn't want to delve into food service or retail, so I'm really glad that opportunity arose.

I began writing my article about my mono-mono twin pregnancy yesterday.  It's really stirring up some of the old emotion and making it feel like it was yesterday.  The wounds still feel raw.  It's amazing that after two years many things are still so clear and present to me.  I think it will take much longer than I originally planned to get this story on paper.

Got a cute video of the boys last night.  They were putting their crayons away and Aaden kept pushing the bottom out of the box so that they would have to start over.  They look at us and say things clear as day, however, they seem to be speaking in a different language.  Other times they magically put sentences together, like "Where's my paci?" and I'm amazed.  Hard to believe they will be two in a few short weeks.  Seems like we just celebrated their first birthday...it seems like we just moved to Henderson...Seems like just yesterday we were in Dekalb...ugh.

These were taken last year close to this time.  My how time flies.
Until next time!

Friday, May 13, 2011

First Blog

Today I decided that it was very important that I start writing about my life and hopefully one day I will be able to share it with my boys. So, here goes nothin'.

I'm officially on summer break.  I'm going to take the rest of may to get the house back in some kind of order.  The boys are in full time daycare until then so it gives me plenty of time to try to make some sense of this messy house.

I'm still waiting for grades and it is killing me.  This is almost worse than actually doing all the work during the semester and all I'm doing is waiting (and checking blackboard and mysfa incessantly, but that's part of it, right?).  Last semester I knew where I stood in terms of all of my classes, but this semester...I just really wish one of my professors would have kept on top of grading.  I hate not knowing, and it killed me to take an exam without knowing exactly what grade would be necessary in order to get an A.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

I have recently become on "On Assignment" writer for Twiniversity.com.  Twiniversity is this great community for moms of multiples, or MOMs, in which there are message boards, giveaways (I won a $100 snapfish gift card recently), and classifieds.  I have met so many people through this website that know exactly what I deal with everyday, the good , the bad, and the beautiful.  So I will more that likely be using this blog to share my articles as well.  My first one is going to be about having mono-mono twins.  I'm really looking forward to sharing.

Until next time!