Monday, April 9, 2012

One month since my last blog? Good Grief!

Okay, so catching up on the last month...
I had two job interviews in which they both called me on advice from the music store guy.  One job was for THE band director at a 1A school that has a band program that has been getting worse for several years.  The current director is retiring and so the administration was using that as an opportunity to get someone who could turn the program around.  That should have been the first red flag. If they really wanted a better program they should have taken action before it got this bad, but for whatever reason they continued to keep this guy and let him continue to run the program down the tubes.  I was the first interview.  The second red flag should have been when they asked me questions like, "How do you feel about intonation?", and "What do you think of the National Anthem?"  They all had enough hs band experience to ask stupid questions (yes my friends, in this case there is such a thing as a stupid question!).  In addition since they all had kids in band they asked parent centered questions instead of administrator questions.  I understand asking a few, but don't base the whole interview on that.  They seemed to like me and the principal called me and asked me to let them know if I got offered something else so they could possibly counter-offer.  Mind you, I was only the first interview.  Another very qualified person also applied so it became between me and this other person and because I am a woman with children I lose.  They were concerned that I would not be able to balance the job with children.  I was (am) pretty angry.  Even though I really didn't want to clean up that mess, my children should not be the reason I don't get the job.  That is 100% ILLEGAL!  I was very tempted to hire a lawyer, but why?  I don't want the job.  I wish the other candidate the best of luck with that.  I hope he understands what he is getting into...

The other interview was for a position in the town I live.  HOW CONVENIENT!  I wouldn't mind having this position if only for the convenience factor.  However, I was asked about my children and if I could handle having a job and caring for them.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?!?!?!  This is 2012!  I am not the first woman with children to ever have a job!!  For the last two years I have basically had a job in addition to school work and I think my boys are very well adjusted.  And it's like these people don't care that I can SUE them and the school districts for this.  They are not supposed to ask anything about family, religion, etc.  It is really quite frustrating (if you couldn't tell by all the caps).  I still don't know anything about this job.  He was waiting until after his contest to make any decisions, so hopefully I will know something this week.  The music store guy has assured me that I was at the top of the list, but I don't want to get my hopes up after the last let down.  I hope I find a job and I hope that I am not forever stuck in this mommy can't work world.  It makes me want to go straight into my DMA so much. 

Speaking of DMA, I think I really want to go to Michigan State University.  Their Director of Bands, Dr. Kevin Sedatole, did our conducting symposium and I really liked him.  Plus, this is silly, but it would be kind of a cool full circle thing since his brother was my high school band director and is basically the whole reason I am a band director.  The plan is to teach for a few more years (more or less to regain control of our finances) and then pack up and move the family to Michigan for three or so years.  Who knows if that plan will pan out, but for now there it is.

My weight loss is going well.  The numbers on the scale are not dropping, but apparently inches are because I was able to fit into a pair of pants that were two sizes smaller than I was wearing January 1st.  Also, I was looking back at some pictures and you can tell a difference.

This was the concert in the fall right before Thanksgiving break last fall.
This was taken on Wind Ensemble tour at the end of January.

This is one of our family photos taken in February.

I don't have a good recent photo since then, but I think these show a decent progression.  My exercising is way easier.  I can run for five minutes now (possibly longer, but I haven't tried yet), my strength training is progressing and I am steadily adding more weight and more reps.  Now if only I could keep my eating under control.  Easter is always hard for me because of all the candy you can't get any other time of year.  I'm also very nervous about what will happen after I graduate and no longer have use of the rec center.  I will figure it out, but once you become addicted to working out it kind of becomes an obsession.

Until next time.


  1. You look great!!! Congrats on the weight loss.

    As for the job. I cannot believe they asked you those questions! I guess they just want to be sued. Hand in there Hun.

  2. I have been asked those question too. Its really frustrating... and I usually end up saying, I am married and my husband and I take equal responsibility in raising our children. I did once say, (I am a mother that is true, so please don't hire me if that makes you uncomfortable and if you were hiring a man this would be a non-issue... I got that job but turned it down.)