Monday, January 23, 2012

Back to School

So, I went back to school last Wednesday.  It is my final semester, and so far it is smooth sailing.  I am only taking 7 hours of which only 2 hours are a "real" class.  The other hours are my conducting lesson, my voice lesson, and wind ensemble.  I am also teaching two classes, woodwind methods 2 and university band.  I'm exciting about being in front of a band again, but pretty nervous because we only meet once a week.  It should be fun though!

I am joining weight watchers tonight.  I have been counting calories for the last week just to make myself aware of how much I was eating.  I think I subconsciously started eating less, which really wasn't the point of the exercise, but I still managed to lose a little weight regardless.  I also started Couch to 5K which made me realize just how out of shape I really am.  However, I did manage to do all the running, which is good since I am by no means a runner.  But I hope to be...thus the reason I started this program.  I also learned that seven times around the rec center seems like a lot but is only 1 mile.  So I managed to run/walk a little over a mile...more than I have ever done before.  I am going to do arms on tuesdays and legs on thursdays for now.  I am also going to try and catch the abs for lunch class on monday and wednesday...we'll see if that pans out though.

I am so excited about how well the boys are doing with potty training.  They seem to understand what the potty is for, but I am not sure that they have connected the urge with the action yet.  Hopefully that comes pretty soon.  We have been working on it for almost a month.  I am mostly just hoping to be fully trained by summer.  I'm thinking that they may get it before then though. 

Hopefully I will be able to blog again friday (I forgot last friday...but I'm catching up today!!).  Looking forward to a great semester and graduation in May!!  Go Jacks!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Finally, an accounting of the new year's resolutions

I first resolve to to keep my resolutions...I definitely DID NOT last year.

So onto the real list:
1.  I resolve to blog at least once a week.  Just for me!  I really want to go back and see things that happened during the year.  I think my weekly blog day will be Friday as I don't have any class commitments that day.
2.  Be healthier in general.  I don't want to resolve to lose weight, but I think that will happen if I just live a healthier lifestyle.  Eat more fruits and veggies and less meat.  Drink more water and less of everything else (although, I haven't had a soft drink in 4 months...except for that cherry limeade I had last weekend and didn't realize it was made with did I miss that!?!).  Also, I am going to attempt to do some sort of exercise at least three times a week.
3.  Take pictures of my boys more diligently.  I want them to see how they have grown and I have to be a better photographer if I want that to happen, so I will, and it will be glorious!
4.  Smile often and complain less.
5.  Pray about my problems more that I talk about them.
6.  Be a more attentive wife and mother.
7.  Get a 4.0 in my last semester of grad school.
8.  Be more at peace with my decisions
9.  Do at least one fun craft a month
and finally
10.  Read 50 books (I stole this one from a friend!!)

I feel confident that I can reach these goals and I think writing them down definitely keeps me more accountable.  Good luck to everyone as they work to keep their resolutions as well.

Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year, New Beginning!!!

So here is a recap of July to now.  Josh went back to work, the boys went back to school, and then shortly thereafter I went back to school.  Between Josh and his Friday night lights, and me and my Saturday afternoon lights, we hardly had any weekend free time.  I was able to make it to most of Josh's games and this was fun because the boys began to see what Josh does.  Now anytime they see a marching band they ask where Daddy is!  Josh and the boys were able to make it to a couple of my games (it's harder for him because he has contests on Saturdays) and at one game the boys managed to steal the hearts of each lady on the Pom Squad.

I absolutely adore the look on Noah's face.  They also got to meet the Lumberjack and Ladyjack!  

Moving forward, Josh's band received a first division at UIL contest and got certified at area,but did not fare well at area, so they didn't make it to state this year.  Josh has made it into a learning experience for the band, and I think it has made the pursuit of honor band even more important to the students.  They are rehearsing better and working harder at home.

We bought a house!  It is a great starter house, but if we ever extend our family we will have to upgrade.  It is two bedrooms, two baths, formal dining room and a garage/workshop.  We have painted much of the inside.  I think our next big project will be the outside (it's nice now, just not really our style), and then redo the bathrooms.  It also has this really terrible blue carpet throughout, but that project will have to wait until I finish school.  We love it, and are so happy to be done with rental property.  
 I took the hardest class of my graduate work, Intro to Graduate Music Theory.  This was the hardest for two reasons: 1.  Theory is just not my forte and 2.  It had been 10 years since my last theory class.  I was really adamant about graduating with a 4.0.  That dream was dashed in my first semester when I received a B in Music Bibliography.  So my new goal was to not earn any other B's.  I was worried that IGMT was going to give me my second B, but I worked hard and remained steadfast and I received my A!!  To add a cherry to the top of that accomplishment, I also passed the theory portion of my comprehensive exam!  
The other huge thing I had on my plate was comprehensive exams.  Three professors formed my exam committee.  They each developed a two hour essay test.  I was tested over Romantic and 20th century music history ( almost 200 years of music history possibilities), Conducting techniques and how they are applied, Wind Literature and its composers, and of course music theory.  I took the test December 3rd, and followed it with a Christmas party with all my grad student friends.  Theory is the only portion that I have received results from, but I feel fairly confident about everything else (except Score ID...can someone explain why I NEED to be able to identify a score my just looking at the music...will there be a test for MMs to get into heaven?  My least favorite thing to do!!)  

After school was out for Josh and I we took the boys to Disney World!  Oh My Gosh!  Most fun trip ever!  I will never forget the looks on their faces as we met each character.  

They were only scared of the characters for a short time, and after they got comfortable with them we could hardly tear them away.  I also think they developed a crush on Minnie.  They would kiss her every time they saw her and now they ask to watch Minnie on TV instead of Mickey.  They are so funny!  Many people thought we were crazy to take two two year olds on a road trip to Disney World, but I would do it again in a second.  They loved it, so I loved it!  

I have many things to look forward to in the next year.  I graduate May 12, so of course I will be looking for a job.  I hope to teach for a few more years and then pursue a DMA.  The boys are working on potty training, so hopefully by their 3rd birthday, in June, we will be free of diapers.  I am teaching a band for the spring, and will hopefully have my own band in the fall as well.  I will hopefully get to perform in a musical again this summer (I haven't been on stage for three years!), and I get to continue to enjoy my sweet boys as a they grow even more.  I have a few resolutions and so far they are going well.  I will post them next time, as this post has gotten pretty long. 
Until next time!!