Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Finally, an accounting of the new year's resolutions

I first resolve to to keep my resolutions...I definitely DID NOT last year.

So onto the real list:
1.  I resolve to blog at least once a week.  Just for me!  I really want to go back and see things that happened during the year.  I think my weekly blog day will be Friday as I don't have any class commitments that day.
2.  Be healthier in general.  I don't want to resolve to lose weight, but I think that will happen if I just live a healthier lifestyle.  Eat more fruits and veggies and less meat.  Drink more water and less of everything else (although, I haven't had a soft drink in 4 months...except for that cherry limeade I had last weekend and didn't realize it was made with sprite...how did I miss that!?!).  Also, I am going to attempt to do some sort of exercise at least three times a week.
3.  Take pictures of my boys more diligently.  I want them to see how they have grown and I have to be a better photographer if I want that to happen, so I will, and it will be glorious!
4.  Smile often and complain less.
5.  Pray about my problems more that I talk about them.
6.  Be a more attentive wife and mother.
7.  Get a 4.0 in my last semester of grad school.
8.  Be more at peace with my decisions
9.  Do at least one fun craft a month
and finally
10.  Read 50 books (I stole this one from a friend!!)

I feel confident that I can reach these goals and I think writing them down definitely keeps me more accountable.  Good luck to everyone as they work to keep their resolutions as well.

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