Thursday, July 7, 2011

Diet, Birthdays, and 1ST HAIRCUT!!

So, my diet is not going well.  Band Camp pretty much destroyed it for me.  I guess I could have continued on the track, but the cafe didn't always post correct calories.  I lost 7 pounds the first week, so if I can get myself back on track I think I can do well.

Another thing that did not help my diet intentions was birthday parties.  The boys turned two June 22 and we had their party the 25th at the splash park in town.  I think the boys had fun.  My sister made the cake, and it turned out nice,  but promptly melted because of the heat.
My dad said it was bigger than some wedding cakes he had seen.  I pictured it smaller, but I still loved it.  All that it lacked here was the border around the bottom.

The boys got lots of cool stuff, but once they opened Woody and Buzz they were done opening gifts, so Josh and I opened most everything.
Opening Woody and Buzz.  Look at the excitement on Aaden's face!
Now Mom and Dad opening gifts while Aaden and Noah play with Woody and Buzz.  Also, notice Noah sitting on his new potty.  :)

We celebrated my niece, Zoe's, birthday the next weekend.  We went to the zoo on the first for her actual birthday.
Here, they are looking at this...
This chimp was full out interacting with them.  He was wiggling his fingers like he was waving, and  kept grinning.  Now, I'm glad there was glass in between him and my babies, but it was still pretty cool.

The boys also had their first carousel ride and they loved it!  I was worried we were going to have one of those moments like when the Gosselins went to DisneyWorld and Collin didn't want to get off the Dumbo ride.  But they only fussed for a minute.  There was too much else to be excited about.

Today we got the boys first haircuts!!  And they were FREE!!  And we got these cute little first haircut certificates, too!  We took them to the Barbershop (yes, that's the name, and it even has one of those rotating candy cane pole things!) and they were great.  The boys did so well.  I was really glad they like to have their hair brushed!

Aaden's Before:

and After:
Noah's Before:
and After:
They look so handsome!! They didn't have a whole lot of hair, but it sure does look nice all cleaned up!  Unfortunately it also reminds me that they are growing up way too fast!  :(

Afterwards we treated them to sno-balls.

Such sweeties.  I'm a blessed girl!

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  1. your boys are absolutely adorable!!! dont stress about the diet, theyre hard, just do your best!