Friday, February 24, 2012

Painting is fun...and Mexican food is my enemy!

This week has been fairly uneventful.  I really don't have anything exciting to report.  I thought I would share my photos from Painting with a Twist, but other than that, nothing exciting.  We had a lot of fun at PWAT.  We did have a little drama before because we got a late start getting to Shreveport, and we were late for the class so we were worried we would lose our spots, but we didn't and much fun was had.  I like the location in Shreveport better because they sell beverages on site.  Not just "beverages" either.  The instructor was great and we all got really great paintings out of the deal.
I took some process photos, but my phone died so I couldn't get the final product until we got home.

I am going back this Sunday (by myself....eeek!) for a Vera Bradley charity painting event!  I'm really excited because in addition to a fun painting class I will get at least one Very Bradley bag!!

I am down 6.4lbs total.  I am losing pretty slowly, but I am keeping pretty diligent about my workouts, and my running is getting so much easier.  When I started I couldn't even make it close to one lap around the rec center, but now I can do one lap when I am tired at the end of a strength training session and not feel like I am about to die.  Not sure if I will be ready for a 5K in April, but maybe by this time next I can do one.  Maybe I'll be able to run some of the March for babies.  Now if I could be as diligent about my food choices I would be in good shape.  I'm working at it...

So Noah has started lying.  While bathing the boys a couple nights ago Noah grabbed his back side and said, OW!!  Daddy hit me!   But Josh didn't...  Yesterday when we picked the boys up from school Noah told us that Aaden bit him, but the owner told us that she thinks that Noah bit himself based on the location of the bite marks.  I'm not really sure where this came from, but I hope it is a very short phase.  I can just imagine him going to school and telling his teachers that one of us hit him and getting CPS called on us.  We do swat, but always on the diaper and more for shock factor than to cause pain.  I'm sure Aaden has caused pain at some point with a hit, but I'm not sure where he picked up the tattling or lying.  Has anyone else had a child do this?  

Until next time!

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  1. All of my kids discover lying about two... It is about attention. I just start making sure I only reward positive behavior and they stop pretty quickly.